Do you qualify?

We offer homes at market and intermediate rents *. To qualify for our reduced intermediate rental homes there are some basic requirements. They vary depending on which of our developments you are interested in, but generally you:

  • have an annual household income of no more than £90,000
  • are unable to buy a suitable home on the open market

See individual developments for further information on our Locations page

* We also offer some homes under the government’s Affordable Rent & Social rent schemes. You can find more details on local authorities’ Housing Options or Council Homes web pages

How to apply

We have to prioritise applicants depending on their current housing situation because our intermediate rental homes are extremely popular.

The allocations process is specific to each of our developments and dependent on other criteria set by local authorities.

You will need to check the specific criteria for the development of your choice (see our Locations section).

This will explain how applications are prioritised and tell you how likely it is that your application will succeed.

Then you need to fill in an application form here. We will use this information to check you qualify.

Our market rented (full price) homes are advertised through local lettings agents and are listed on Rightmove, Zoopla and other online portals, you should contact the lettings agent to discuss renting these homes.

Our Affordable Rent & Social Rent homes are advertised through local councils’ housing options service, you can apply to the local council for the home in which you are interested by contacting them directly.


If your initial application is successful we’ll conduct some further referencing before inviting you to view a property.

We normally invite around two people to view each property and check all the details on their application form.

Then we will be in touch to confirm the final outcome of your application following your viewing.

If you’ve contacted a lettings agent regarding one of our market rented (full price) properties they will talk you through the next steps.

If you’re applying for one of our Affordable Rent & Social rent homes, the local council for the home for which you’ve applied will explain the way they will handle applications. 


If you are invited to rent a home, this is how it works.

We don’t charge fees

We don’t charge any fees on our intermediate tenancies. We may ask you for a reservation fee to secure the offer, but when you move in we’ll deduct that fee from your first month’s rent.

The only thing to pay when you move in is a deposit (equivalent to one month’s rent) and rent for the remaining days in the month.

Keeping rents affordable

Our aim is to keep rents low – because central London needs working people to keep it working.

We try to arrange the best rates possible which vary from one development to another and from one size apartment to another.

Our intermediate rents start from £170 per week.

Our rents are increased every year closely in line with the cost of living index (CPI). They generally won’t increase more than CPI + 1%.

No separate service charges

There are no service charges, but you pay direct for utility bills, Council Tax and Water rates.

Assured tenancies for THREE years

Nearly all of the tenancies we offer are assured short hold tenancies for three years. You only need to give us three month’s notice if you want to move out though.

At the end of the three years we’ll usually renew your tenancy, as long as you still meet the eligibility criteria and there have been no breaches of the tenancy clauses.

There is no renewal fee.

We take care of repairs

We’ll take care of any repairs and our managing agent is on hand to answer queries or concerns.

We want you to feel at home so we’re more than happy for you to redecorate.  You just need to let our managing agents know first and, when you move out, we can ask you to restore the original décor, or if we’re happy with your new colour scheme and the quality of the work, you can leave it as it is.

Live how you want to

All our apartments are offered unfurnished – it helps keep rents low.

Extra services

On some of our developments we have some additional services to offer where an additional charge is necessary, these may include Wifi, parking, additional storage and car club memberships.