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New Era, Hoxton

Welcome to our consultation website which gives you up-to-date information about Dolphin Living’s proposals for the future of the New Era development.

This site explains why we are rebuilding the Estate and how we are proposing to do so.  We look forward to talking to our tenants and neighbours about our plans in more detail.

Why we are rebuilding New Era

Here are three reasons why Dolphin Living have decided now is the right time to rebuild:

  1. Rebuilding is the only way to deliver all the improvements the estate needs.
  2. Improvements can be delivered without original tenants paying any more rent than they would have done had we not rebuilt the estate.
  3. We are building new apartments near Haggerston station that will minimise disruption and inconvenience for tenants who need to move out during redevelopment.

How will it affect you

Dolphin Living have made three promises to all New Era tenants living on the estate when we bought it:

  1. We will offer you a new home in the rebuilt estate and you will pay no more rent than you would have done had we not rebuilt the estate.
    For further information on rents and charges please refer to the FAQs.
  2. We will ensure you have somewhere to live whilst the estate is rebuilt. We will support you with your move and cover the costs of moving.
    The majority of current New Era tenants will be provided with accommodation at our new development at Kingsland Road, a short walk from Haggerston station. Read more about Kingsland Road here and find further information about your move in the FAQs.
  3. We will listen to your views so the way in which we rebuild New Era and how we manage tenants’ moves works for everyone.
    We have held a number of sessions with New Era residents to update them on our plans as they evolve. We have also sent update newsletters to all residents and this website will be updated regularly. We welcome all residents’ comments. If you want to get in touch please contact us.

If you moved on to New Era from 2014 onwards.
A number of residents have moved onto the estate since we bought it in December 2014. These residents will need to leave the estate and find alternative accommodation during the rebuild. When the rebuild is complete all of our New Era tenants, including you, will be the first to know about the new apartments and have the opportunity to return, subject to the New Era allocations policy. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Kingsland Road apartments

Dolphin Living acquired the Kingsland Road apartments in August 2017 and construction is due to complete in late 2019. The development will comprise of a number of 1 and 2 bed homes spread over 11 storeys.

Kingsland Road will be offered to New Era tenants whilst the New Era estate is being rebuilt. Once complete all existing New Era tenants will be offered a home on the rebuilt estate on the same terms as their current tenancy, including our promise that they will pay no more rent than if we have not rebuilt the estate.

The purchase of Kingsland Road provides a great opportunity to keep our residents within their community whilst New Era is rebuilt. In the long term these apartments will help Dolphin Living to provide affordable rental homes to working Londoners who are increasingly squeezed by rising house prices and rents.

We are working with residents to understand their parking needs and will work with Hackney Council to provide residents with on street parking at Kingsland Road and when they return to the New Era estate.

Planning + Design

The Rebuilt New Era

Information about the proposals for the rebuilt New Era will be uploaded on to the website as and when they become available. Please find the latest presentation material below:

Public Exhibition drop in information: September 2018

Public Exhibition information boards: September 2018

Resident & Public information boards: October/November 2018

Kingsland Road Interiors:

The illustrations below show example layouts for the apartments at the Kingsland Road development.
All properties will be fitted with: fridge/freezers, washing machines, oven, hob and extractor fans.


  • Open plan kitchen/living/dining
  • Modern finishes
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Balcony


  • Open plan kitchen/living/dining
  • Modern finishes
  • Double bedroom
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Balcony


  • Open plan kitchen/living/dining
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Balcony
  • Modern finishes


  • Open plan kitchen/living/dining
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Balcony
  • Modern finishes


  • Open plan kitchen/living/dining
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Balcony
  • Modern finishes


  • Open plan kitchen/living/dining
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Balcony
  • Modern finishes

Examples of Dolphin’s portfolio

Dolphin Living strive to ensure every home they provide is not just fit for purpose but are the best designed homes possible for existing and future residents. Below are some examples of Dolphin Living homes that we have completed on other projects. We aim to provide this level of quality in all the homes we build.


Jan / Feb 2018

  • Resident Drop In – engagement with residents on design principles
  • Undertake parking survey with residents

Spring 2018

  • Prepare relocation policy and consult with Tenant Association – agreeing how tenant moves will work

June 2018

  • Resident Engagement – New Era design launch and discussion

Autumn 2018

  • Tenant visits – checking household composition, medical needs and confirming in detail all tenant choices/wishes for their temporary move; discussing and agreeing move out plan for tenants

Early 2019

  • Confirm temporary move address and permanent home entitlement (size and floor only)
  • Submit planning application to Hackney Council

Spring 2019

  • Book moving dates, plan removals and prepare for temporary moves

Sep – Nov 2019

  • Tenants move from New Era

2022 / 23

  • Tenants move to the rebuilt New Era


Information for Residents of New Era

When will tenants need to move out?

Tenant moves are planned for autumn 2019.

Will New Era tenants need to pay more for rent or other costs?

New Era tenants’ rents will increase no more than they would have done had we not rebuilt the estate. We will also cover costs of removals and the transferring of utilities for original New Era tenants, including:
• Landline
• Internet
• Utilities water and electric
• Reconnecting white goods if a tenant wishes to keep their own

Can I take all my furniture and white goods with me when I move? If it doesn’t fit in my new home what do I do with it?

Dolphin Living provides white goods at its new homes including, fridge freezers, washing machines, integrated ovens and hobs. If you would like to take your own fridge freezer and/or washing machine, rather than use ours, we will arrange for these to be fitted. If you don’t plan to take your own, you can leave them in your flat when you move out and we’ll make sure they go to a good home or dispose of them depending age and condition.

Can I park at Kingsland Road?

London Borough of Hackney Residents Parking permits operate around Kingsland Road and you will need a permit to park there. We are working with Hackney Council to ensure those original New Era tenants who need their cars can park on the local streets. Once this is agreed, we’ll let you know.

When will I know which flat I’ll be moving to?

We’re meeting with original New Era tenants over the summer of 2018 to make sure we have up to date information before working out who should move where. We expect to confirm the home you’ll move to (whilst New Era is being rebuilt) in early 2019.

Can my pet come with me when I move out?


Will I be able to move to Kingsland Road permanently?

We want to hear from any original New Era tenants who are interested in staying at Kingsland Road. Our promise regarding tenants’ rents increasing no more than they would have done if we had not rebuilt New Era covers tenants moving away and returning to the rebuilt New Era Estate. We are yet to set the rents that will be charged at Kingsland Road after original New Era tenants return to the rebuilt estate. If you would like to stay on, let us know and we’ll discuss this with you once the 2023 onwards rents for Kingsland Road have been set.

Will you still be carrying out maintenance and repairs on New Era until I move?

Yes, we take our landlord obligations seriously. If one of our fixtures or fittings breaks we’ll repair it.

Do I have to move to Kingsland Road?

We ask that any original New Era tenants that would like to move somewhere other than Kingsland Road temporarily or not return to the rebuilt New Era, let us know about this preference. We will see if there is anything we can do to help you move to where you wish to.

Will there be lifts at Kingsland Road?

Yes, we have two lifts serving all apartments in the building.

Will my home have a balcony?

All our Kingsland Road apartments have balconies and access to a shared roof terrace. We’ve asked our architects to include balconies and green space for tenants in the design for the rebuilt New Era. They are working to have a final design ready for Autumn 2018.

Plans for New Era

How long will it take to rebuild New Era?

We expect work on rebuilding New Era to commence in winter 2019 and last until 2023.

Will residents get an opportunity to comment on the new design?

Yes, we ran drop-in sessions for residents in the summer and autumn 2018 which presented the progress of the architect’s ideas and gave residents an opportunity to give feedback. The exhibition boards can be viewed under Planning + Design

When will you apply for planning permission?

We hope to finalise our designs and submit them for planning permission in early 2019.

What happens to the shopkeepers on Whitmore Road during and after the rebuild?

We are supporting our local shopkeepers to find new local premises and are agreeing flexible legal arrangements to cut their costs and make moving as easy as possible.

Resident Ballot

New Era Residents’ Ballot

Dolphin Living first consulted with tenants about the future of New Era in August 2017. With input from tenants, we decided in early 2018 that rebuilding New Era was the best way to bring forward the improvements needed on the estate. Since that time, we have worked with tenants to develop proposals to rebuild the estate, including better designed homes with lifts, balconies, and a shared courtyard garden. The feedback tenants have provided has helped to shape the design and features of the rebuilt New Era Estate, ensuring it remains an enjoyable place to live for many years to come.

In response to a new policy introduced by the Mayor of London, we are giving New Era residents the opportunity to vote on the future of the estate.

Why do we need to hold a ballot?

In 2018, the Greater London Authority (GLA) introduced resident ballots as a part of new guidance on estate regeneration. This policy came into effect in July 2018.

Based on this guidance, Dolphin Living have decided to ballot tenants on the proposals for New Era. We want tenants to have a say about the future of the estate. All tenants with regulated, assured and Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs) will be able to vote, along with those in their household aged 16 or over (provided they have been on the Council’s housing waiting list for 1 year or more).

What is the ballot on?

The ballot will be held on our proposals to rebuild the estate and residents will be asked whether or not they are in favour of Dolphin Living’s proposal.

Our proposals to rebuild New Era will provide all the improvements the estate needs and will give residents better designed homes with more spacious rooms as well as providing much needed lifts, shared resident space and private outdoor space.

The proposals to rebuild New Era also give us the opportunity to provide additional homes in Hackney, which is a key part of our mission as a housing charity.

The proposals for New Era include:

  • 199 new homes
  • A mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes
  • 100% of homes will be for rent
  • Homes for existing New Era tenants
  • Retail space along Whitmore Road frontage
  • A communal garden for residents
  • Improvements to access and security

We have set out the specific offer to residents in our Landlord Offer document, which has been sent to all residents. If you are a resident and you have not received a Landlord Offer document through your door, please let you know.

Who is eligible to vote in the ballot?

The ballot is open to all tenants with regulated, assured and Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs), along with those in their household aged 16 or over (provided they have been on the Council’s housing waiting list for more than 1 year).

Dolphin Living have provided Electoral Reform Services with the details of all of the tenants living on the estate we believe to be eligible to vote and have registered their details with us.

If you are uncertain about whether you are eligible to vote, please contact Valentine Ohagwa or Octavia Williams at Dolphin Living on 020 7113 3352 to find out if you can register.

Who will be running the ballot?

Dolphin Living have appointed a company called Electoral Reform Services (ERS), as an independent body, to conduct the ballot to ensure it is fairly run and that it meets GLA requirements.

ERS will be responsible for issuing ballot papers to eligible voters, overseeing the ballot and ensuring that votes are accurately recorded and counted.

If you have any questions about the ballot please contact Valentine Ohagwa or Octavia Williams at Dolphin Living on 020 7113 3352

Latest News

Resident & Public Consultations

We held resident and public consultations in Autumn 2018 and the exhibition boards can be viewed here. We’ll keep this section updated with any other developments, please contact if you have any questions

Who we are

About Dolphin Living

Dolphin Living is the brand name of the Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation, an independent charity that was established with an endowment of more than £120 million in 2005.

Dolphin Living is a charity providing affordable homes to working Londoners. We work in nine inner London boroughs and own 630 homes with a further 200 under construction.

In 2014 we acquired the New Era estate to protect the existing tenants, many of whom have lived on the estate for a long time. We have worked with the tenants, with support from the Tenants’ Association, to improve conditions on the estate and implement a Personalised Rent policy. The tenants are central to the future of the estate.

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