Our History

Helping to house 

Westminster’s workers

Dolphin Square Trust and Westminster City Council sold their leasehold interest in Dolphin Square, the well-known apartment block in Pimlico, in 2006.

They agreed proceeds from the sale should fund a new housing charity, the Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation.

The Trust made an initial gift aid payment of £80 million and additional payments brought the total endowment to £124 million.

The Foundation was to engage in key worker and affordable housing projects. Its governors are representatives of: the Trust; the Council; private sector landlords; employers of key workers in Westminster; and registered social landlords.

The initial governors were: Ian Henderson, former Chief Executive of Land Securities,  Rodney Brooke, Chairman of the Trust; Graham Hindes, Chief Executive of Octavia Housing; Rosemary Westbrook, Westminster’s Director of Housing; Anu Vedi, Chief Executive of Genesis Housing; Colin Redman, Director of Trusts, Grosvenor Estate; Rachel Whittaker, member of the Metropolitan Police Authority; and Catherine Longworth, a former Lord Mayor of Westminster; and Andrew Whitley, director of CityWest Homes.

The founding objectives were to help secure accommodation in Westminster or elsewhere in Greater London for those in housing need who:-

  • by virtue of their employment in the public, voluntary or private sectors and who provide important social, economic, environmental political services, and who cannot afford normal commercial rents,
  • Or, more generally face poverty, deprivation or disadvantage.

In 2015, the Foundation created Dolphin Living Ltd, a not-for-profit Housing Association, a Registered Provider with Homes England.

Dolphin Living shares the Foundation’s charitable objectives and is the customer-facing, delivery arm of the Group. Its founding Chairman was Simon Dow, Chief Executive of Guinness Partnership and two new independent Directors joined him on the Board: Fenella Edge, Treasurer of The Housing Finance Corporation and Richard Petty, Lead Director Affordable Housing.

The long-term vision of DSF is to invest its endowment in a portfolio of projects that will generate sufficient operating surplus to allow the foundation to continue to develop affordable housing in Central London.

Dolphin Fellowship

Since its foundation, Dolphin Living has had the support and guidance of a number of very able and skilled individuals who have had a deep commitment and enthusiasm for the work that Dolphin does. In 2016 the Dolphin Fellowship was created to maintain contact with these past key Governors. The Fellows are kept up to date with Dolphin’s activities and meet annually with the Board and Executive Team, as well being invited to various stakeholder events. 

The Accounts

The Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation was first registered as a charity on 17 June 2005 (registered Charity Number 1110090). Its governing document is a Trust Deed 11 May 2005. The charity has been funded by monies realised from the sale of leasehold interests held by the Dolphin Square Trust in the Dolphin Square mansion block in Pimlico.

Further details about the charity, its structure and governance can be found in the report and accounts available below. Accounts earlier than 2018 can be requested via info@dolphinliving.com

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Report and Accounts for the year ending 31 March 2018

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Report and Accounts for the year ending 31 March 2019

Dolphin Living logo

Report and Accounts for the year ending 31 March 2020