What's it all about

It’s currently almost impossible to buy a home in London. The Westminster Home Ownership Accelerator Scheme has been developed to make your dream of owning a home in London come true.

Prices are on the rise

House prices in London are rising and it’s getting harder and harder for Londoners to get onto the housing ladder. Most mortgage lenders require a minimum of 10% deposit, which is forcing households to move outside of London in order to be able to buy a home.

We are here to help

We offer accommodation at 65% discount against market rent for a period of three years. This creates affordable London living, which can help assist your household budget, and at the end of the three years you will receive up to £54,500 to buy your own home.

Is it for me

The Westminster Home Ownership Accelerator Scheme has been developed to support Londoners of all backgrounds to become home owners. Supporting people on lower incomes has always been the key mission for Dolphin Living, the organisation behind the scheme.

Mary, Nurse

“Working in a Westminster hospital, my commute from Kent was a two-hour journey each way, and even though I wanted to live closer to work, private rents in Central London were unaffordable on my salary. Finding a property through Dolphin Living means I’m now paying a rent I can afford, for a flat I love! I’ve got more time to see my friends and can enjoy life after work as home is a short walk away.”

Tom, Estate Agent

“I used to live with my wife and children in Camden – it was a lower ground floor flat with rodent issues, it had been subject to flooding and our baby was under a year old. And we were still sharing the flat with a friend! I thought we were going to have to leave London but then we found a flat through Dolphin Living and we’ve never looked back. The flats are well finished and professionally managed, and the reasonable rents mean they’re affordable for London’s key workers – without homes for workers there will be no London left!”