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Why does the Westminster Home Ownership Accelerator Scheme exist?

The greatest challenge for working Londoners is finding a deposit to buy a home – you may be saving hard to get a big enough deposit but prices are going up faster than you can save. At Dolphin Living we believe that Londoners and London’s economy need affordable homes so we have, together with Westminster City Council, developed the Westminster Home Ownership Accelerator Scheme. Together with our partners we also want to do something about the housing crisis and believe that the Westminster Home Ownership Accelerator Scheme will be a way to help existing council or intermediate tenants into home ownership, subsequently freeing up more homes for people in acute housing need.

Dolphin Living

Dolphin Living creates affordable homes to rent for working Londoners. It’s part of Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation, an independent charity that was established when Dolphin Square Trust and Westminster City Council sold their leasehold interest in Dolphin Square,
a well-known apartment block in Pimlico. The proceeds from the sale were used to fund a new housing charity, the Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation, with the founding objectives to help secure accommodation in Westminster or elsewhere in Greater London for those
in housing need. In 2015, the Foundation then created Dolphin Living Ltd, a not-for-profit Housing Association, a Registered Provider with the Homes & Communities Agency, working with the people who make London work – chefs, nurses, drivers, social workers, actors, police, restaurateurs, designers – all the people who need to live or work in the Capital and who want well-designed homes at an affordable price.