What we do

Dolphin Living creates affordable homes for working Londoners

London’s economy needs workers – and they need homes they can afford to rent.

We own 600 homes for rent and a further 196 are in construction. We plan to deliver 1000 homes by 2020 – by which time we will have bigger plans because London is growing rapidly. 

We are working in nine inner London boroughs and we want to work throughout inner London.

We plan to buy development opportunities, existing property investments, new build stock and to help other developers deliver their affordable housing planning obligations.

In the last few years as a small London based housing charity, we have had the agility to pioneer a new approach to rent across some of our properties. In December 2014 Dolphin Living acquired the 96-apartment New Era Estate in Hackney where we took an approach to renting based on ability to pay (Personalised Rent Policy). In partnership with Westminster City Council, we have also set up the Home Ownership Accelerator Scheme.

Dolphin Living is part of Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation, an independent charity that was established with an endowment of more than £120 million in 2005. Our target customers are the people who make the City work – chefs, nurses, drivers, social workers, actors, police, restaurateurs, craftspeople, designers – all the people who  need to  live or work in  town  and who want well-designed homes at an affordable price.

We aim to keep building on that endowment, setting new standards in management and design for affordable housing in London.


Our Vision and Strategy


Dolphin Living’s mission is to provide high quality, truly affordable housing, in desirable locations, near good transport links, for working Londoners on modest incomes. 

We help a wide range of London’s workers. Teachers, chefs, health workers, creatives and more – the people that make London work. 

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The Team

Olivia Harris

Olivia Harris

Chief Executive

Olivia was appointed as Chief Executive in April 2017. Previously, Olivia was Finance Director at Dolphin Living, providing financial and commercial oversight on a wide range of property and related projects, including debt and fund raising. Olivia is a Chartered Accountant and has worked for more than 15 years in the property industry.

Email: OliviaSibly@dolphinliving.com

Alex Glenister

Alex Glenister

Head of Acquisitions and New Business

Alex is a Chartered Surveyor with over 10 years’ experience in the residential development sector working in both development consultancy and for affordable housing developers.

Alex is a director of our development subsidiary. 

Email: AlexGlenister@dolphinliving.com

Mark Kent

Mark Kent

Head of Asset Management

Mark has worked in the housing sector for 13 years and has experience in managing complex regeneration projects and improving performance in housing management services.  Mark previously led the start-up and management of the affordable housing at East Village London, formerly the London 2012 Athletes’ Village. 

Mark is the Managing Director of our Housing Association subsidiary

Email: MarkKent@dolphinliving.com

Peter Kling

Peter Kling

Finance Manager

Peter is a CIMA qualified accountant with a Bachelors in Business and Commerce. Peter has eight years of experience across a variety of industries.

Email: PeterKling@dolphinliving.com

Sam While

Sam While

Head of Project Management

Sam is a qualified Architect with over 12 years of experience within the construction industry. He is responsible of the design and delivery of all of Dolphin Living’s projects from post-acquisition through to completion.

Sam is a director of our development subsidiary.

Email: SamWhile@dolphinliving.com

Octavia Williams

Octavia Williams

Head of Corporate Services

Octavia has worked in the housing sector for 13 years and has a wide range of experience across a variety of areas in the sector. Previously Octavia led the Member Engagement and Relations team at the National Housing Federation. Octavia is a corporate member of the Chartered Institute of Housing. 

Email: OctaviaWilliams@dolphinliving.com

 Work for us

We are a small team working in Central London. We offer an attractive employment package with an excellent range of employee benefits. We pride ourselves on recruiting and retaining outstanding people. 

There are no current vacancies.